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Younger Student

We charge $100 for four half-hour lessons each month. We also have a discounted price of $160 a month for full-hour lessons.

While we would love to teach for free, our rates allow us to afford to teach music full time. This commitment allows us to do more for our clients than other private music programs such as recitals and ensemble classes.

We believe in remaining flexible for our clients and will always make an effort to make up any missed time. In addition, the rate you sign on with remains the same, regardless if prices change within the studio!


Teaching Locations

Our lesson spot in Canton OH
Our lesson spot on Muskingum University Campus

We have two physical studio locations in Canton, OH and New Concord, OH. 

The Canton location is 1530 Easton St. NE Canton, OH 44721, at the Congregational UCC. We are not a religious affiliated company. 

The second spot Steve's office in Walter Hall on Muskingum University Campus. This location has limited availability!

Not close to either location? No problem! We can also provide lessons via Skype or Zoom! We do not provide "house calls" barring very extenuating circumstances. 


How do I book an Appointment?

Using the link below you can send me an email to get started. Usually, we will decide on a date that works best for both of our calendars to meet regularly. You can speed up the booking process by mentioning your scheduling restrictions in the initial email! Alternatively, you can call at (330) 949-8747. 

Once we have a time in place, all you have to do is show up! I prefer it if you can send a text upon arrival just to know you've made it. 

After that, we do not have any contracts so you can take lessons as long as you please with no commitment. 


Logan Recital_edited.jpg

Why "Eurydice Studios?"

Eurydice Studios Logo

When our founder, Steve, began teaching guitar, he wanted to avoid any associations to a certain rock group from the 1970s.

He decided to name his studio after the Greek myth of Orpheus and Eurydice. In this myth, the hero Orpheus plunges himself into the heart of Hades to save his beloved Eurydice, who had recently died from the bite of a hidden serpent. Armed with only a lyre, Orpheus is able to battle the demons of the Underworld by enchanting them with the power of song. Eventually, Orpheus is given the chance to bring Eurydice back up to the surface world. 

Although the myth does not end well for Orpheus and Eurydice, the story still encapsulates what Steve believes to be the ultimate purpose for music: to uplift others and spread happiness and beauty. 

We also prefer to refer to our business as a studio to reflect the vernacular used in college music programs. 


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