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We are located in Downtown Canton, Ohio.  

Too far to make it to Downtown Canton? That's okay too! We offer lessons over Skype and Google Duo as well! This makes it easy to stay connected even when you are on vacation!



We charge $80 for four half-hour lessons each month. We also have a discounted price of $140 a month for full-hour lessons.

While we would love to teach for free, our rates allow us to bring on teachers who can afford to teach music full time. This commitment allows our teachers to do more for our clients than other music programs.

We believe in remaining flexible for our clients and will always make an effort to make up any missed time. In addition, the rate you sign on with remains the same, regardless if prices change within the studio!

Teaching Philosophy 


We believe that learning a new instrument is just like learning a new language. When learning a language, people don't just learn a few phrases or how to read the written word out of context; they learn all of it through immersion into the language.


We believe our clients learn best when they are immersed in the music-making process. Whether that comes from learning the written language of sheet music, transcribing and playing by ear, or learning the syntax of music through music theory, we want our clients to broaden their musical horizons!

Steven is a wonderful teacher and provides a comfortable environment to learn and grow. I have been taking lessons from him for over a year. He tailors every lesson to meet the goals and interests of the student. His prices are reasonable and I’ve made a lot of progress in his studio. I would highly recommend him!

Shawna Taylor

Canton, OH

Steve is a very knowledgeable and patient instructor. I am having a lot of fun learning to play acoustic guitar with him. I tried other methods an none have worked as well for me. I highly recommend Steve.

Bryan Corban

Massillon, OH

Excellent instruction from one of the most personable, knowledgeable, and patient instructor around! Highly recommend using Eurydice Studios.

Jenny Mongold

Canton, OH

Steve is an awesome teacher! He helps you to slow down and count. I look forward to my weekly lesson. If you want to learn or improve , Steve is the man who can take you there!

Tim Rypien

Canton, OH

A polite, professional, and friendly environment. The teacher is easy to work with and truly cares!

Anthony Harbart

Cliton, Ohio

Steve is a great teacher who has an extensive knowledge of the guitar and music theory. He is articulate, and offers a structured lesson plan to fit the students specific goals!

Mike George

Canton, Ohio

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